Throughout most of ’99 we only played our home-base of Champaign-Urbana a handful of times. Most of that year was spent recording or playing out of town. When we got back from the Where’s Wolfie tour that summer we were eager to play in our backyard again.

Worth noting are “You are a Woman” and “Calvin Grove” which were both brand new and most likely being played live for the first time at this show.

Illini Union 09/10/99
Urbana, Il


Little Bee is Dancin’ / You Are a Woman /You’re Lucky I’m Skinny / It’s Thursday, Not Sunday / I’m an Engineer / Forget about Friday / You’re Gonna Fall Back Into It, But I’ll Always Love You / Calvin Grove / They Call Me Leaves / On Loan to Satellite / Knew It Knew It /Busy Busy Busy / Steely Dan / Hey It’s Finally Yay