We had the great fortune of meeting Dan Rapata, a very kind soul who had somehow managed to convince the University of Illinois administration to let him put on rock shows in a classroom on campus. And that’s exactly what he did.

We played room 215, Greg Hall a few times at the very beginning of it all. This show is for the Necessary Sailing aficionados – it was our only release at this point and we were full-on supporting it here.

“Verse Vica”, “Lifesaver Socks” and “VFW” originated from some of my earliest recordings I did when I first got my 4 track a couple years prior. I “released” these on my first solo tapes; that meant I made about 20 copies and gave them to my  close friends.  “VFW” was re-recorded for our first 7″ as was “Lifesaver Socks” for Awful Mess Mystery.

Gregory Hall 01/31/97
Urbana, Il


I Wish I Could Navigate
On Your Way
On Cinder Blocks Looking In
Verse Vica
Silent Autumn Parks
Looks Fine on the Ledge
The Long Drive Back
Let’s Say We Forget About It
Suspension Catches
Lifesaver Socks
A Dumb Life
Graph Chaser

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