Video | Wolfie

I really didn’t know what Wolfie video was out there when I started building this site. I remember people pointing video cameras at us but I honestly saw very little of it.  With the help of Joe Ziemba,  Stephen Cramer and Lance Walker I was able to pull together a collection that represents all of the eras of the band that I played with. It’s a bit heavy on the way early days, but I am thankful for all of the videos. The Kindercore Popfest covers the Awful Mess Mystery era while the 2 shows from ’99 cover Where’s Wolfie and Coat and Hat.

09/10/99 @ Illini Union - Urbana, Il
NDTV interview, 1999
07/24/99 @ Galaxy Hut - Arlington, VA
07/11/98 @ 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA (Kindercore Pop Fest)
04/22/97 @ Illinois Disciples Foundation - Champaign, Il
03/15/97 @ Illinois Disciples Foundation - Champaign, Il
01/31/97 @ Gregory Hall - Urbana, Il