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Wolfie live 01/31/97 @ Gregory Hall - Urbana, Il

The connection between a rare song and a captured live performance of it is exactly the sort of archival stuff I love. Joe's "I Wish I Could Navigate" was a great stripped-down groover which led off this set.

Wolfie live 04/22/97 @ Illinois Disciples Foundation - Champaign, Il

Another one of Joe's, "Hope You Have the Time", rounds off this 1997 set. It was infrequently performed but a really fun one to rock out. You can't beat a Rat pedal on a bass!

Audio Graves compilations

In general, I've scattered my own various Wolfie demos throughout my Audio Graves compilations. For example, our demo of "Iron Orange, Iron Blue" off Awful Mess Mystery is on the Audio Graves Vol. 1. On Vol 3 you'll find "Forgot How to Dance" and "Scary Sunshine", two Wolfie demos that were a lot of fun to do but never ended up on any releases. And there's plenty more where those came from; you'll have to dig around!

4 Track Rarities

Digital (Self released via the Wolfie website, 2003)

1. you have to leave (1998)
2. can i dig an audio grave? (1998)
3. your kind of happy (1997)
4. citizen song (1998)
5. i wish i could navigate (1996)
6. phoneman (1999)
7. let’s say we forget about it (1997)
8. down, out and waiting (2000)
9. hope you have the time (1997)
10. the orange glow (1999)
11. time can do for you (1997)
12. sun, you’ll bring my love (2000)

1, 3 ,5, 7, 9, 11 written and recorded by Joe Ziemba
2, 4 ,6, 8, 10, 12 written and recorded by Mike Downey

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