Demos and Live Recordings | The New Constitution

Studio Tedium Demos, July 2001
(download, 25MB)

Recorded by Rick Valentin, Champaign, IL at Studio Tedium.
These were recorded right at the time when we started playing shows. We had done some demos on 4-track previously and decided we wanted something a bit more hi-fi to help us with booking shows, etc… These are the earliest full band recordings we currently have access to.

1. Let’s Make War
2. So I Walked into the Earth Bar
3. Real Old Picture
4. Constitution

Live 06/07/02 – Fireside Bowl, Chicago
(download, 60MB)

Early days, playing a majority of what would become On 4

1. No Easy Way
2. Country Life
3. Real Old Picture
4. So I Walked into the Earth Bar
5. Shook Last Night
6. This Old Curse
7. Let’s Make War
8. Mike 3
9. East Lawn

Live 07/25/03 – Schubas, Chicago
(download, 65 MB)

A few days prior to this show we had played as part of a Kinks tribute, hence “King Kong” being in this set. We all loved the Kinks. “Trouble”, “Bad Days Behind”, “Aeroplane”, “Old School” and “Why You’re Right” were all newish songs we had been playing live often.

1. King Kong (Kinks)
2. No Easy Way
3. Trouble
4. Bad Days Behind
5. Constitution
6. Aeroplane
7. East Lawn
8. Old School
9. Why You’re Right
10. Hot Flashes

Rehearsal Tape, 10/01/03
(download, 49MB)

Tucked into a regular old neighborhood in New Lenox, IL was a detached garage that was revamped into a recording studio by a weekend warrior husband. I guess that didn’t work out, but the nice lady owning the garage started renting it out to bands. We moved in as soon as we got the chance, repainted the walls like something out of an episode of Hullabaloo and deemed it the CPE (Customized Psychedelic Environment). This was recorded live there direct to cassette. This includes the only known recording of “Live the Heavy Life”.

1. King Kong (Kinks)
2. Aeroplane
3. Bad Days Behind
4. Old School
5. Constitution
6. East Lawn
7. Trouble
8. Why You’re Right
9. Live the Heavy Life

Live 01/16/04 – Loyola University WLUW, Chicago
(download, 43MB)

The interview touches on our place, or lack there of, in the Chicago music scene, our recent Swedish tour and furture plans for the band. We were really active and playing out frequently during this time; this is a really good document of us at our peak I believe. Sonically it sounds really good. I forget the name, but this was done in a full-on recording studio as opposed to a radio station. “Straight the Smoke” and “Why You’re Right” were never officially released but played live quite often during our last year or so of shows.

1. Interview
2. Aeroplane
3. So I Walked into the Earth Bar
4. Trouble
5. Bad Days Behind
6. Constitution
7. Straight the Smoke
8. Don’tcha Take it So Hard
9. Why You’re Right

Live 07/23/04 – Schubas, Chicago
(download, 70MB)

Soundboard recording.
Ready, set, all of the new songs live (and a couple from the album just to be kind).

1. Who’s Lovin’ You Now
2. Rad Architecture
3. Don’tcha Take it So Hard
4. Bad Days Behind
5. Word on the Street
6. Straight the Smoke
7. Constitution
8. Aeroplane
9. East Lawn
10. Trouble

Trouble / Aeroplane / Bad Days Behind – CD – Self Released, 2004
(download via bandcamp)

Recorded and mixed by Dan Dietrich at Wall to Wall
Mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize

After On 4 was released we started working on album #2. We ended up needing to find a label to put it out and used these, our newest recordings at that time, to shop ourselves around. We also passed these out at our shows. I don’t believe we sold these; we just wanted to share some new songs. The 2nd album was never completed so this is the closest we came.

1. Trouble
2. Aeroplane
3. Bad Days Behind

The Wall to Wall Demos, 2004-2005

Recorded by Dan Dietrich at Wall to Wall

Our 2nd album was never finished but these were some demos we were working on at that time. Some of these tracks probably would’ve been polished further into final mixes. Listening back I hear a lot of missing parts (guitar overdubs, backing vocals, etc…) that we never got a chance to record. Bummer, but at least we have something…

Live 02/24/17 – Chicago St. Pub, Joliet, IL
(download, 152MB)

Audience recording.
The first of two reunion shows done on a cold February weekend back in 2017, this one as a warm up at a local bar for our family and close friends.

Robbie Hamilton joined us on keys, percussion and backing vocals.

Lies / So I Walked into the Earth Bar / Shook Last Night / Constitution / Bad Days Behind / Word on the Street / Mike 3 / Don’tcha Take it So Hard / Rad Architecture / Country Life / This Old Curse / Trouble / No Easy Way / Aeroplane / East Lawn / Hot Flashes

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