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national splits s/t
S/T – CD – Blackbean and Placenta/Kittridge (2002)
national splits fontana
Fontana – CD – Recordhead/Mr. Whiggs (2003)
national splits grab the bottle and run to the hill
Grab the Bottle and Run to the Hill – 7″ – Bumblebear (2002)
Frick Panther Park National Splits
Frick Panther Park – 3″CD – Elements of Obscurity (2003)
Asaurus Records EP Club #2
Asaurus Records EP Club #2 – Comp CD – Asaurus (2003)


Blue Diamond Phillips Vol. 1
Blue Diamond Phillips Vol. 1
CD – MOC (2001)
“Old Gods”
The Crayola Catastrophe
The Crayola Catastrophe
7″ – Kittridge (2001)
“Your David Starship”
Christmas Underground compilation
Christmas Underground
CD – Bumblebear/Planting Seeds (2001)
Let’s Wrap Each Other”
Zombies of the Stratosphere
Zombies of the Stratosphere
CD – Logan Tapes (2002)
“Just Got Back (bedroom)”
Single Wish compilation
Single Wish
CD – Sprite Recordings (2002)
“I Died on the Way to Election”
Friends & Family vol. 2 bumblebear
Friends & Family Vol. 2
CD – Bumblebear/Free Label (2002)
“The Light, The Heat (live)”
Christmas with Planting Seeds
Christmas with Planting Seeds Records
CD – Planting Seeds (2002)
“Holiday Tune in F#”
Blod Seven compilation
Blod Seven Compilation
CD – Blod (2003)
“Midnight Codes”
Kittridge Homemade Hits vol. 1
Kittridge Homemade Hits, Vol. 1
CD – Kittridge (2004)
Kittridge Records 2004 sampler cd
Kittridge Records 2004 Sampler
CD – Kittridge (2004)
“Bonus Track”
Hey, Where'd the Summer Go! comp
Hey! Where’d the Summer Go?
CD – Humblebee (2004)
“Own it, Double it, Dig it Up & Bury it”
Breakaways (EPs/comps collection)
Digital – heartphone (2010)
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