The National Splits (2000-2004)

The National Splits was the result of Mathlete not really lighting our fire any longer. In some respects we had felt we did all we could with drum machines and keyboards. We wanted to rock out with live drums and louder guitars. Dan Marsden and I decided to go ahead and change our name, write all new songs, and continue on as a guitar/drums duo. We played a handful of shows as a duo but by 2002 we agreed that it would make the most sense if we concentrated on our even newer band, a 4-piece called The New Constitution, and leave The National Splits to me as my solo outlet. At this point I concentrated mostly on The New Constitution but kept up with solo recordings under the Splits moniker and played occasional solo acoustic shows. I was prolific during these years and have a semi-lengthy discography to show for it. 2 full lengths, a few EPs and a heap of compilation appearances later the project puttered out although within a year I was back to making homemade recordings, this time under my own name.

The National Splits 3/27/02 @ Maxwell’s - Hoboken, NJ
3/27/02 @ Maxwell’s - Hoboken, NJ
East Coast tour, 2002
East Coast tour, 2002
w/Tobin Sprout in Indianapolis, 2003