Mike Downey Tape (2016-2018)

It’s not like I ever stopped recording to 4 track tape. It’s not that I magically discovered a used machine and was blinded by nostalgia and had to have it as an adult. Nope, it is how I learned to record my music in high school in 1995 and how I created home-baked album after album  well into the 2000s.

Then there was the honeymoon with digital recording. That didn’t last.

Mike Downey Tape was only a review of those early lessons in how to record myself, just further down the line. This discography ended up at six releases which I had a ton of fun making, and am really proud of. 

I’ve retired this project for the unforeseeable future. I haven’t retired my guitar, drums, voice or 4-track. I just need a long break from writing lyrics and making rock music. There’s a time and place for it; it will most likely loop around again.