In May, 1999 we did our first ever Mathlete tour. All we had released at this point were 2 cassettes. Our 7″ arrived in the mail the day the tour started. Safe to say pretty much nobody knew who the heck we were. We played all of the shows except one with our pals from Houston, TX Port Vale. The only show on this tour which we didn’t get footage of was from the first night at the Fireside Bowl opening for American Football. 

At the Memphis show we played with Gerty from Chapel Hill. We hit it off that night and David from Gerty ended up releasing our full length Telstar Parthenon on his Plastique imprint! I loved the random situations and opportunities that could present themselves by taking a little side project hundreds of miles from home just for the fun of it.

Mike Downey Curt Swank summer 1999 Mathlete tour

May, 1999 tour footage

Shot by Curt Swank

The unedited full video of this is over here and includes loads of Port Vale footage (also Gerty and Dressy Bessy). And a huge thanks goes out to Lance Walker (Port Vale / Ojet Records) for digitizing this video.

“Heartphone” – Lafayette, IN
“Protect the Techs” -Memphis, TN 
“Narrowcaster” – Auburn, AL 
“Asteroid Police” – Jacksonville, FL 
“Asteroid Police” – Pensacola, FL 
“A Couple of Ohms” – Pensacola, FL 
“Technology, Technology” – Pensacola, FL 
“Heartphone” – Lafayette, LA
“Surrender” –  Lafayette, LA
“Bring Me Down (I’m A Fader)” –  Lafayette, LA
“Trohpy Theif” – Houston, TX
“Bought an Engine” – Houston, TX 
“A Couple of Ohms” – Austin, TX
“I’ve Got Audio” – Austin, TX

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