In the summer of 2000 Mathlete embarked on a 2-week tour to support our latest album Telstar Parthenon. At this point Mike Marsden was playing 2nd guitar; this was his first time out on the road with us. And for the second tour in a row our good friend Curt Swank and his camera came along for the ride.

I booked this tour myself and we all had a lot of high hopes. We were excited about the songs and the shows. Unfortunately we experienced some big time van trouble and missed a handful of shows because of it. Overall, we were 4 friends out on an adventure. Regardless of what went wrong, we had a lot of fun and I’m really glad we have this time capsule to remember it by. Curt did this as a project he was to turn in for a grade in college so this really was his baby.

We self-released a VHS of Hazard Data via our website back in 2000. Curt did all of the dubbing and shipping. I never really knew if we sold any of these but when I was putting this site together and started asking around if anyone had a copy I was surprised to hear that the video did in fact make its way around the country to some of our more curious fans. I don’t believe I ever saw the finalized version of this until 2016.

Hazard Data
Tour documentary, 2000

Shot and edited by Curt Swank

The live songs within:

“Memorial Hill” – Pittsburgh, PA
“Coat of Arms” – Waterbury, CT
“Steel Wheels ’89” – Arlington, VA
“Designer Drugs” – New York City, NY 
“Narrowcaster” – Chicago, IL

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