Huh? Mathlete sans keyboards and drum machines? Yeah, this was the “Rocklete” show. It was the transition show where we put Mathlete to bed and introduced the idea of where we were ultimately headed. We had originally planned on playing this show as a standard Mathlete set but as I recall we were having a lot more fun jamming as a 4-piece working on both my and Dan Brown’s songs. 

For this set we took some songs off Telstar Parthenon and reworked them as guitar/bass/drums. We also played “Don’t Make Me Rock You” which ended up on The National Splits S/T debut and then I turned over the reigns to Dan Brown and we banged out his “Constitution” and “Hot Flashes”, two songs that would appear on The New Constitution’s On 4 album in 2003 and remain as constants in our live set. This was the last Mathlete show and, although we didn’t know it, the birth of The New Constitution.

Fireside Bowl 10/29/00 Chicago, Il


Memorial Hill
Century Man
All My Singing Friends
Don’t Make Me Rock You
Chromakey Me
Steel Wheels ‘ 89
Constitution (Dan Brown)
Hot Flashes (Dan Brown)

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