While putting this site together I made a list of these sorts of recorded performances which I knew existed but didn’t have a copy of. I had little hope in actually tracking any of them down. But this was one that actually surfaced. I fired off a blind email to WNUR. Although my contact at the station had long since moved on I got a reply from their program director who said he would look into it. A few months later he had tracked down the Northwestern alum that booked and recorded the on-air performances and got it to me. Unreal. Thank you WNUR!

This was recorded as a trio with Mike Marsden on 2nd guitar.

(download, 31MB)

Mathlete Recorded live on WNUR 03/18/00 Evanston, Il


Century Man
Memorial Hill
Record and Play
Bring Me Down (I’m a Fader)
Steel Wheels ’89
Feel Alright

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