Piles of Pieces of Scraps of Tape

In 2015-2016 I made my best effort to locate and digitize as much material from my former bands and projects as possible and to present it in an organized  fashion. The result was the first version of mikedowney.org; a sprawling series of pages admittedly overflowing with content, which is exactly what I wanted although in hindsight a bit overwhelming. 

Now I’m not trying to  hide away any of it or discredit the legwork I (we) did; it’s all still in place and those who are looking will find their way to it; we could even perhaps relive a moment together. But if we decide we want to just let it go then we can definitely do that too. I’m comfortable in knowing that we’re on an ebbing and flowing county fair  swing ride that shudders when the motors are switched off and then meshes its gears back into motion should the kids queue up again. Or you’ve got the scenario where the ride breaks down, the carnival packs up and returns the fairgrounds back  to God . There’s that too. 

Gen Pop is a free sampler of music I’ve recorded solo over the years. Thanks for your support. 

Many of my releases are available for download on the Audio Graves bandcamp.

And, you can find some videos from these bands and projects on my YouTube channel.

Or what about SoundCloud? Does that spin your wheels?

Oh right, here’s a collection of the live and rare downloadable recordings available exclusively on this site