Mike Downey works professionally with web analysis and data-driven marketing. SEO, Google Analytics and Tag Manager are the sorts of tools and concepts that float his boat these days.

Mike relocated to Sweden from his native Chicago in 2005 and currently resides and works in the comfortably-sized and tempoed Motala.

As a musician, Mike has been performing, recording and releasing his music since the mid 1990s, most notably with the bands Wolfie, Mathlete and The New Constitution as well as under numerous solo monikers. Mike currently records calm storms of tangled wires as State Charger. He has played over 300 live shows nationally and internationally and released his music with a variety of independent record labels.

mikedowney.org launched in 2016 with a focus on archiving previous bands and side projects. After a couple years of sporadic updates, and with the archival part of the project being done,  it was decided to redesign and shift focus to current projects and start looking towards the future instead of getting caught up in the past. Projects will not be limited to music. More information to come. 


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