Sketch#26 (Booth at an Expo)

Easily one of my favorite aspects of Elektron sequencers are the conditional triggers. That is to say, each step in a sequence can be set to play based on, among other conditions, a probability percentage. For example, step 1 has a 22% chance of triggering while step 7 plays 66% of the time. Then, step 8 will trigger on the third pass every 7th time the pattern repeats, but only if the step next to it triggered! You get the point; it can be completely customized as deep as you want it to be. A fun result of placing these conditions around various sequences is the random, “generative” feel it gives.

I’m manually turning tracks on and off and tweaking some effect pedals (mainly the Red Panda Tensor), but the bulk of these sounds are happening based on the conditional triggers I set up ahead of time.

State Charger live jam (2020.11.17). Live ambient sketch working with the Digitone and Digitakt’s conditional trigger probabilities to create randomness.