State Charger: X Quantities release notes

X Quantities is the 4th State Charger full length. I’ve worked with it on and off for the past year or so. Beyond the Instagram clips, this is the first complete document of my musical leanings since I, for the most part, shelved my guitar and started concentrating on a small, yet powerful, collection of synths, samplers and effects.

 It’s a time capsule, a document. Each tune is a subconscious step away from everything I’ve previously held onto. Remnants of past linger and fade out.  It feels really good to be in this space without any real rules or expectations.

An element I have tried to carry out through all State Charger releases thus far is improvisation. Although I’ll do overdubs when I hear something in my head that needs to be added, my original goal is almost always to mix the song live and touch it as little as possible afterwards. In most cases I succeeded although a couple songs may stick out in general as “more produced”, which is true because they were. 

The main brain in my set up making the sampling and sequencing happen is the Elektron Digitakt, a machine that has pretty much completely changed how I get creative. Usual suspect sound sources beyond that are, but not limited to,  a Moog Mother-32 and a Korg Volca fm. I rely heavily on Strymon’s El Capistan and Blue Sky as glue to hold everything together. Check out some live sketches to see how my set up has evolved over the past few years.

X Quantities is available for download at bandcamp and streaming everywhere.

Until next time.


State Charger - X Quantities

Recorded 2019- 2020
All songs by Mike Downey
Drum Circle Compass 04d