Sketch#21 (It’s Yours to Find)

Reasons for not posting anything since Feb: yeah.

I admire those that were/are able to get super creative as a result of the world shutting down but I reacted oppositely. I haven’t felt like making music so I didn’t pressure myself into it. I needed to get grounded. 

I’ve been raising a puppy. He’s 4 months old now and I’ve spent a large majority of every day since early April with him by my side. It’s been extremely therapeutic and along with the rest of my core family I have been lucky enough to get some perspective in these weird times.  

A few months away from my machines and I was admittedly lost a few times during this live sketch. I didn’t always find the function I needed as quickly as I needed it, but it’s all a process. Circling around again to get back to where I was. After that? I don’t really know what’s next to be honest. I have a batch of songs I really want to release but it doesn’t feel complete yet. I’m searching for a few puzzle pieces that fell onto the floor, or the dog ate them. 

State Charger live jam (2020.06.10) w/ Elektron Digitakt, Moog Mother-32, Korg Volca fm with effects.

Featured pedals:
Red Panda Particle (Volca fm)
Dr. Scientist Bitquest (Mother-32)
Strymon El Capistan (fx loop)
Strymon Blue Sky (fx loop)
Red Panda Tensor (fx loop)
EHX 8 Step Program (modulating Mother-32)