Sketch#19 (Crew Dragons)

After a month of basing my jams on 1 minute max length for Instagram’s #jamuary, I wanted to come out with something a bit more long form.

I bought a really cheap Casio keyboard (CTK-630) at a thrift shop about a month ago, nothing fancy. But what caught my eye was that it was MIDI capable, which means I can control it via the Digitakt. Score! In this video I am sending it notes on 4 different MIDI channels simultaneously. I can’t figure out how to make it not accept MIDI channels meant for other instruments (probably impossible without some sort of channel filter). Anyone? 

This started as a beat-less ambient jammer but it didn’t take me too long to start flipping the switches to some tapey beats I had queued up, just in case. 

State Charger live jam (2020.02.15) w/ Elektron Digitakt, Moog Mother-32, Korg Volca fm and Casio CTK-630 with effects.

Featured pedals:
Dr Scientist Bitquest (Mother-32)
Red Panda Particle (Volca fm)
Strymon El Capistan (fx loop)
Strymon Blue Sky (fx loop)
Pigtronix Infinity Looper
Red Panda Tensor (after looper)
EHX 8 Step Program (modulating Mother-32)