The New Constitution live at Chicago St. Pub, Joliet, IL 02/24/17

Time flies. It has been just about 3 years since we did The New Constitution reunion shows. I’m pretty sure I’m done talking about that weekend; I documented all the feels and logistics along the way. To put it shortly, I’m glad we did it and it was a ton of work.

There was talk of properly documenting the Chicago show with video and soundboard audio but technical issues got the best of that footage. All involved tried their best. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. 

In all honesty the build up to the Chicago show ended up getting the best of me. It was too much. Too much drama, too many old friends at once, too much emotion, too much to embrace and too much to run away from. I left that club knowing it was over forever and with a sense of relief.

The night before we played an intimate show at a local bar close enough to where we all grew up that our families and closest of the close could come and join us. We promoted the show word of mouth. It was a bunch of fun. This is the recording from that night. 

Live at Chicago St. Pub, Joliet, IL Feb 24th, 2017 group

The New Constitution live at Chicago St. Pub – Joliet, IL 02/24/17

(download, 152MB)

Audience recording
Robbie Hamilton joined us on keys, percussion and backing vocals.

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