Jamuary 2020, week 3

I’m learning a lot by doing this. I’m getting to the core of what I want to do with these instruments. Gates are opening and others seem welded shut, maybe for the best.

There’s a bit of genre-jumping in this week’s instalment, but that’s nothing new if you follow me around these parts. The jam at 03:42 ended up getting far more attention than any of the others. It garnered waaaay more views, likes and new followers than any other video I’ve posted. But the funny thing is that I made that in a rush and I almost put a little disclaimer on it (something like “120 bpm filler”) but decided against it last second. There were a lot of elements to it that worked, but in the end does that style make me happy? Not really. There’s plenty of people that are devoted to it and know what’s up. I felt like a bit of a fake. But dang it sure is fun.

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