My First Flat – The Complete Recordings

My First Flat marked the exact beginning of collaborating with Dan Marsden. We traveled in similar packs and loved the same sorts of bands. He played drums and I wrote songs. It was only a matter of time. This was 1997.

The name My First Flat wasn’t anything we really decided on; it was just a little throwaway title for the songs we had been recording in my parents’ basement. Personally, I had a thing for duos like 764-HERO and Butterglory. This was me acting on those emotions. 

Now if memory serves me right, the plan was to work up a batch of songs to be self-released as a full length. But, see, I was always moving forward and I got antsy so I put together the 6 finished songs Dan and I had done with a collection of my solo recordings and quickly edited together enough material for a release. 

We played one show, the summer of ’97, in a garage. All was peachy. But I never released the tape. I got as far as xeroxing the art and dubbing a copy for myself. I guess we agreed to let it simmer. But then we rediscovered the Casio keyboards we had gotten as Christmas presents in the ’80s and switched gears; we became Mathlete. My First Flat ended there. By January of 1998 we had already started recording Teleport.

Over the years I piecemealed songs from this project on the Audio Graves compilations. But the downside to those compilations is that by sequencing songs out of chronological order, the context is lost. 

So here’s My First Flat in context. Included are all songs from the unreleased tape, a full live set from our only show and a couple other songs Dan and I recorded together right around the same period. Calling this The Complete Recordings is a little misleading, as if we had a plan or I happened to find every little piece of audio we recorded together with this project in mind. It was all very scattered and the eras of my solo stuff, songs with Dan and Mathlete were really all mixed up and blended together. It’s a time capsule.