Sketch#17 (Decide one way or the other)

I’m about 25 years late as Slabco isn’t accepting demos any longer! But I’ll tell you what, I would love to do an entire project based on weirdo samples, old drum machines and synthy gooeyness. Hey, maybe I will!

Now, if your ears perked up when I mentioned weirdo samples, there’s no reason you shouldn’t slide on over to RJ Porter’s Tape Findings. The site isn’t currently being updated but it still exists as a resource of thrift store cassette tape crate digging. And we’re not talking about finding a mint condish copy of The Delfonics Greatest Hits, we’re talking about unlabelled answering machine message tapes and the treasure trove of hidden secrets recordings like that might hold.

The Korg Super Drums drum machine used in this clip has been kicking around my various music rooms for the past 20 or so odd years. I never had much luck with it but finally decided to look up the manual to see if it actually worked; I assumed it was partially broken. Nope, works fine; it’s just incredibly unintuitive! And oh yeah, RJ gifted me the drum machine way back when. I don’t remember the circumstances but I was probably doing Mathlete at the time and he had the good nature to pass it along. Now that I know how it works you can expect to see it more often. You can’t control the mix of the instruments (besides the cymbal) but hey, it has a trigger out at least and is being used as the clock in this clip. 

State Charger live jam (2019.11.02) w/ Elektron Digitakt, Moog Mother 32, Korg Volca fm, Korg Super Drums and Strymon El Capistan.