Kick Plate and The Corner Guards

In line with my habits of clean housekeeping comes Kick Plate and The Corner Guards. This is a collection of compilation appearances and EPs I released solo between 2006 and 2010. I tied up the loose ends for you.

What loose ends?

Well, there used to be (still is? You betcha…) a thing called net labels. You already know this, but net labels are record labels that don’t release physical copies of music. You get a zip file instead of a gatefold 3xLP. You usually get it for free. The financial side of net labels isn’t hard to argue.

And so all these net labels are fun and fine and dandy until the bill for the hosting comes or until, well, it got old. Then the files disappear. And I don’t like that. 

And don’t get me started on defunct net labels (I own one!), there’s other sorts of releases like cd-rs that come bundled with zines, 3″ cd compilations that were printed in an edition of 50 and cassette tape comps that you couldn’t buy even if you had a time machine and could set yourself into the exact moment the compilation was released. It just wasn’t easy.

So here’s everything I dug up. I skipped 2 cover songs I released on comps just because they were of well-known bands and since I wanted to make this release available for purchase I simply skipped those. Get in contact and I’ll send you some mp3s if you want them.

Buy this for 5 bones on bandcamp if you are so inclined. 

Here’s how it all played out…

1 & 2. Dead Spy EP– Digital – A Bunch of Beatniks Riding A Rocket 2006 
3. Bejeezus Zine #9: Don’t Be Afraid To Cherish It – CD – Lesson Records 2007 
4. Series Two Compliation Vol.12 – CD – Series Two Records – 2008 
5. Hands – Digital – CLLCT 2008 
6 & 7. Let the Woman In b/w Some Money – Digital – Rain Above Records 2009 
8, 9 & 10. The Same Heart split EP w/ Jason Sposa – Digital – heartphone 2009 
11. Eggnog Series Two EP Club: First Club – 3″ CD – Eggnog Records / Series Two Records 2009 
12. Codes for Go – Digital – heartphone 2010 
13. cosmoPOPlitan, Vol. 1 – CD – O Bosque/Woodland recordings 2010 
14. Retrospective Compilation #2 – CD – Series Two Records 2010 
15. A Pile of Lo-Fi! Vol. III – Digital – A Pile of Lo-Fi! 2010 
16. A Pile of Lo-Fi! Vol. V – Digital – A Pile of Lo-Fi! 2010 
17. Series Two / Worker Bee Records Split Comp – Cassette – Series Two / Worker Bee Records 2010


A collection of EPs and compilation appearances 2006-2010.

Browse it and buy it on bandcamp.