Sketch#12 (Digitakt 1)

There’s this ever-changing question about what tools do I need to do the job I’m here to do. I’d been going back and forth with myself about just how many effect pedals I needed compared to actual voices. I haven’t been utilizing guitar and have been on the hunt for another desktop voice I could work in and, more importantly, could be the brains of my setup.

The answer to all of this is the Elektron Digitakt. I wanted a sampler more than anything else. I also wanted a sequencer that could send Midi. And when you throw in the facts that the Digitakt can trigger steps conditionally and can resample into itself I was sold. Well, I had to sell a few things, but then I was sold.

So I’ve had the Digitakt for about a week now and this is my first experiement. The learning curve is a bit steeper than I had anticipated but the pieces started falling into place after a few sit-downs and after rewatching a few key, insightful videos floating around. 

State Charger live jam (2019.05.04) w/ Elektron Digitakt, Moog Mother 32 and effect pedals.

Featured pedals:
Strymon Blue Sky
Strymon El Capistan
EHX 8-step program