Tide As Currency (Alpha Mound remix)

Back in January I met fellow Swedish artist Alpha Mound via Instagram. He was quick to produce a short, but sweet, remix and video of one of my latest live sketches. I’m impressed by people that get stuff done (always have been).  

Now, there are unlimited amounts of source material you can use to base a track off of. With the right tools you could sample the sound of your feet walking down the stairs and get pretty far into a track with just elements of that one sample. Oh, and then there’s the internet. You can find some good stuff there, too. 

It’s unlimited and it’s too easy. What’s the connection between the sample and you? Is there any? I like the connections. And even if that connection is that Alpha Mound and I happen to hang around the same Instagram places it’s enough of a connection for me to get excited about and want to support. There’s a sense of community in it. It’s really not random at all.

So when I woke up this morning and saw his Tide as Currency remix EP was released, a giant smile grew across my face. And when I saw the EP included an original, 13-minute psychedelic meditation zone video I about lost it. See, I’m impressed by people that get stuff done (always have been).

Tide as Currency is a State Charger song I released on my Temple Phase album in 2018. This is Alpha Mound’s remix of it, although it really is all his at this point. He has taken my original idea to a new, fantastically peaceful place. 

The EP is available digitally now via Lamour Records and through Alpha Mound (bandcamp)