Sketch#10 (Trapdoors Everywhere)

This is about as experimental as I want to get. Lacking a melody and leaning heavily on the effects. Everything underlying. The Red Panda Tensor is becoming a very close friend. My trusty Sony handheld tape recorder loaded with a 6 second piece of tape is slightly off screen. It’s so easy to record in a snippet of what I’m working with place it in the mix for an extra interesting layer.  

State Charger live jam (2019.03.07) w/ Moog Mother 32, Korg Volca fm, Roland TR-08, tape loop and effect pedals.

Featured pedals:
EHX 8-step program
Red Panda Particle
Red Panda Tensor
Strymon Blue Sky
Strymon El Capistan
Montreal Assembly Count to Five
Dr Scientist Bitquest