Sketch#8 (AutoFill Measure)

The Korg Volca fm is filling a huge role. I’m limited to only a few voices for my tabletop set up and the Moog Mother 32 has been holding down any sort of bassline sequence I might need. That leaves the Volca fm to fill out a lot of space. In this sketch it’s wobbling away through the Strymon Mobius Destroyer engine and then through a parallel effects chain where all sorts of glitchy weirdness awaits!

State Charger live jam (2019.02.20) w/ Moog Mother 32, Roland TR-08, Korg volca fm and effects

Pedals featured:
Strymon El Capistan
Strymon Mobius
Dr Scientist Bitquest
Red Panda Particle
Red Panda Tensor
Montreal Assembly Count to Five
EHX 8 Step Program