Tapes & Tubes – “Lazy Again”

Oh Instagram, you matchmaker. Really, the community formed around musicians, gear and live jams on Instagram has proven to be super positive for me. It’s the perfect place get super into your niche; you won’t be alone.

On New Year’s Eve I received a quick message from Austin of Tapes & Tubes about collaborating on some music. It didn’t require the pre-dinner festivities I was partaking in to persuade me. I was in.

The foundation track that followed from Austin was a lovely droning piece backed by loose, jazzy drums and bookended by a spoken word segment. I did some processing to the vocal track, added in my own set of drones and synths and put together my mix of the pieces.  The result of that is streaming here:

The official version is now released by Tapes & Tubes and is a full-on collaboration with a cast of musicians. I’m happy to hear some of my work made the final mix.