The New Constitution demos & live ’01-’04

While I was back in Chicago a couple months ago I got the chance to dig back into my archives again and ended up finding a few New Constitution recordings I thought were worth putting up on the site. Head over here for all of the download links. Here’s a quick summary…

These first two are for the On 4 afficianados!

Most notable, the Studio Tedium Demos from July, 2001. These are the earliest recordings we have as a full band. We did these with Rick Valentin (of Poster Children) at his Studio Tedium in Champaign. All four of these songs were eventually re-recorded and ended up on our full length.

Live at Fireside Bowl June, 2002. According to my timeline this show happened right when we went into the studio to begin work on the full length. So what we have here are live, raw versions of most of those songs from the album. A few songs in the set, “Let’s Make War”, “Real Old Picture”, “Mike 3” and “Country Life” were only played live a handful of times back then and as far as I know this is the only live recording we have of these songs.

And finally, fast forward 2 years to July, 2004 at Schubas. This is a soundboard recording. We were working on our follow up thus playing a majority of brand new songs in this set. It sounds sweaty. Enjoy!