Archival update: Mathlete / Wolfie videos ’99

I knew these videos existed; I just didn’t think I’d ever see them. Turns out all 3 of these were sitting on a harddrive in NYC at my old friend Lance Walker’s place. Lance played in the band Port Vale back in the day and ran Ojet records. We toured together and he released a Mathlete 7″. Way back when, the man with the camera Curt Swank sent Lance a tape of the 1999 Mathlete/Port Vale tour footage he shot and at the end of the tape he tacked on 2 episodes of his weekly local music show NDTV. Those 2 episodes were of Wolfie and Mathlete. In my eyes, and in the realm of making this site as complete as possible, these 3 videos are pretty damn important.

As it was with most of the footage on this site – neither Curt or I had copies of any of this stuff, or the copies were locked onto unplayable DVCAM tapes. Thank you Lance for bringing these back from the dead.

May, 1999 Tour Footage –
more info here

NDTV, 1999
– more info here

NDTV, 1999 – more info here