Shy Mirrors: When Nothing is Next

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Straight to the point here: There’s a new Shy Mirrors tape out on Hope for the Tape Deck. It’s called When Nothing is Next and, as usual, I played all of the instruments on it.
If you liked the previous tape, Dodging the Column, then this one will probs be up your alley. I recorded a generous amount of songs directly after Dodging the Column came out and cooked all of that output down to 14 songs I thought worked well together. What’s up with all of the songs that didn’t made the album you ask? Well that’s another story for another time, kids. (read: Audio Graves). The cassette is limited to 100 copies and is available to order now. If you just want a digital copy, that’s over here. Dustin Pilkington (Best Fwends, Burnt Skull, Total Abuse, etc…) did the artwork for this one and it turned out looking really, really great. SHY MIRRORS JACKET ART FRONT SHY MIRRORS JACKET ART BACK_cropped